International Editorial and Commercial Data

Football DataCo has awarded a three-year contract to the Perform Group, starting from season 2016-17, for the exclusive right to collect and distribute match day data. Please click on the links below to find out more about the official data that Perform produces and how to purchase a data feed.

For Media data use contact Opta Sports on +44 (0) 20 3372 0841
For Betting/Commercial data use contact RunningBall on +44 (0)20 3372 0600

Please note that a separate data usage licence is required for any commercial usage of official data, which includes predictive/fantasy games and betting. Please contact Football DataCo at for more details.


Opta is a leading global provider of live, detailed sports data. Part of Perform Content, a division of Perform Group, detailed Opta data is used by over 850 clients in 40+ different countries, including the world’s leading sports broadcasters, digital media outlets, governing bodies, clubs, bookmakers, brands and sponsors.

Uniquely detailed, live Opta data is collected, analysed, databased and supplied within seconds of the action happening on the pitch. This combination of breadth and speed means that Opta data is the ideal way to create a detailed, ongoing narrative across myriad platforms, as the on-pitch drama unfolds.

Built on a consistent and reliable approach across our global data collection operation, all Opta data is collected to the same standard, using the same software and the same definitions. Our skilled editorial teams across the world use this archive to create a level of content that is unmatched in its authenticity, credibility and sophistication.

Customers and sports fans across the world can be confident in Opta data. Players and teams are compared using the same global standard, and it is this continued passion for consistency that has ensured that Opta data has become the byword for credibility and insight.


The RunningBall data network delivers the fastest, highest quality and broadest range of real-time sports data to the betting industry. Through an unparalleled network of over 1,500 experienced, trusted and expertly trained scouts, data supplied to clients comes directly from the venue via bespoke technology, delivering up to 900 data points from every game  within 1 second of the action occurring.

This market-leading RunningBall network is supported by a dedicated integrity team, acting in a non-commercial capacity. This department works to ensure that the RunningBall data being supplied to bookmakers is accurate and timely, and also assists sports federations and bookmakers across the globe to help identify irregularities in matches.