The official match data of the leagues is branded ACTIM stats and can be obtained from the official data providers.

The ACTIM stats cover a wide range of information ranging from ‘static’ fixture, player and club data, live match events and player and club performance data.

The level of live match data varies between the leagues although, all leagues conform to a series of levels of data from 1 to 3 (see below):

Level 1
Static data relating to the club, history, past honours, address, stadium etc

Level 2
Simple match data, fixture, KO time, squad, goal, goal time, goal scorer, red/yellow cards, times of cards, referee name etc

Level 3
Main match events in the game, passes, free kicks, corners etc

Level 5
English Premier League & English Championship – more complicated match events such as assists, number of passes by player, final 3rd attacking entries

Level 6
English Premier League only – player performance data, distance covered, speeds, sprints etc

The ACTIM Index has been created using the ACTIM stats and rates each player in the league against any other based on their levels of performance that have been statistically adjudged to effect the outcome of the match. The Index was introduced for the beginning of the 2004-05 season and applies only to the English Premier League and English Championship.

The English Premier League’s ACTIM Index has been rebranded to the EA SPORTS Player Performance Index following their technical partnership, which commenced at the start of the 2010-11 season.