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Satellite Information Services

Satellite information Services

From Carlisle to Cambodia, Satellite Information Services (SiS) is a major player in the national and global sports industry.

Their broadcast division, SiS Live, has Europe’s largest fleet of outside broadcast units and is involved at some level with almost every sporting event shown on UK television.
But the partnership with Football DataCo is all about further strengthening the relationships with rights holders and enhancing the services to the betting industry, worldwide, which date back to the 1980s and embrace Licenced Betting Offices, online and telephone operators, betting exchanges and private individuals.

SiS built their reputation by delivering accurate, independent and timely data to the betting industry, notably around horse and greyhound racing. They use satellite, dedicated circuits and the Internet and no other supplier has a network in place which is capable of delivering data to the whole of the betting industry on the same scale.

But that industry is changing all the time. Football is becoming increasingly important to the betting industry and its customers, and that is why SiS has joined the game as an official partner from the start of the 2010-11 season.


SiS and Football DataCo

Their long experience of supplying live sports data to the worldwide gambling industry makes SiS the ideal partner to help Football DataCo develop its links with that sector.

They are familiar with the many issues regarding the supply of data, particularly where that data is used for gambling, and have developed the skills and experience to ensure that this data can reach the maximum audience.

Their wide range of products and services is directly tailored to the needs of bookmakers and their customers, and from the start of the new season they can expect to see a big improvement in the way the betting industry covers the English and Scottish Leagues.

In licensed betting offices TV screens will still display live action from horse and greyhound racing but will now also deliver official live updates from football matches nationwide. That means details of team line-ups as they are confirmed plus live goal flashes, red cards and more as SiS focus on the content that is most important to football betting.

SiS have also developed data feeds that will meet the needs of the online betting industry and that can be used behind the scenes to help bookmakers create new betting opportunities and settle bets more quickly and efficiently.

It all adds up to a good deal for the betting industry, which can use official data to grow the interest in football, for the game itself, which can raise its profile through betting, and for the fans. While they can never be sure their team will win they can count on getting a fair return from SiS and its partners.


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